[50k+R$ / $175+] Farmlands 2 is Looking for 2 Builders / Modelers!

About Farmlands

Hey everyone! We’re the team behind Farmlands, a relaxed sandbox farming game. In celebration of the game’s 1st anniversary, we’re creating a 2nd version!

About The Job

We’re looking for a professional low poly builder, as well as a low poly modeler to join our team. Currently, we’re on a HUGE time crunch, so we’ll need to delegate our time quickly to 2 different people to get the job done super fast for us. The entire build plan is already in place, so as soon as you’re hired you should be good to go!

The builder will need to supply a large (generally open, with the exception of a central city) map. If applying for this job, you should be able to create a very nice low poly atmosphere.

The modeler will need to create various low poly assets, such as doors, windows, furniture, and pet models.
For the curious, here’s the full game I used to reference these pictures (it’s another indev project of mine):

Art Style

In terms of style, we’re looking for something in between Adopt Me and Bloxburg.
We want VERY low poly looking assets, with highly saturated colors that will appeal to younger children.

Here are some images of the style we’re going for:



As you can see, the construction is generally cartoonish and thick, and pretty bright and poppy in terms of colors.

Payment & Timeframe

We’re hoping to get these assets done within 2 weeks. If you are hired and can get them done before then, I will be willing to pay a BONUS for speed and quality :grin:
The builder will be paid a flat rate of 50k (+ a potential bonus)
The modeler will be paid based off of assets built, but around 50k as well


You can contact me either here on the forums or on discord at Protori#0118

Thanks for reading! :smile:

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I am interested in the building part of this job.
Here is my portfolio: [OPEN] dmksa123 Portfolio

If you are interested in me, you can always contact me on discord: dmksa123#6529

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I’m interested in applying for the building position if you haven’t found someone already!
Link to my portfolio: TypeByte - Building Portfolio (CLOSED)

Here’s my discord: TypeByte#4715

Hello. I’m Shinyju.

I’m interested in the builder role.
This is my portfolio: Shinyju’s Portfolio

My discord contact is Shinyju #1831.

I specialize in building from reference pictures, descriptions and plans.
Hope to talk with you soon!


I’m interested and very good at this style of building. Love the cartoony style.

Added you on discord - vvolfy#0813

Hello I am very interested and am a experienced low poly style builder here is my portfolio Zpecx - Building Portfolio p.s I have improved since .