64-Bit Client causes random CPU spikes in-game

This game have been running at LOW framerates and with very often frame drops. This feels unplayable. I still haven’t seen performance improvements for some months, like every update it has been getting worse. Like Roblox freezes for 5-10 seconds at a white screen when first launched. Or the game displaying that it runs at 90 FPS while it feels like a sluggish 25-40 FPS. And this annoying CPU intensive anti cheat also crashes with framerate monitoring apps like RivaTuner and VR software, and the messages this brain damage anticheat gives you have no details and are all generic. At least whitelist signatures from reputable brands like MSI, ASUS, etc… ANOTHER thing, you get a “System files are corrupt” type error when in reality Driver signature enforcement was disabled. These generic errors make it really hard for the end user to diagnose. Like why not say that “Roblox requires Driver Signature Enforcement to be enabled” or “Roblox anti-cheat has flagged a file: (actual file path of a driver or idk, program)”. Why are we supposed to send dump files to roblox admins instead of just having an error message that is informative.

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Bump. Having the same issue here aswell.