6oi | Music Composer for Hire!


Hello, I am 6oi! I have been on ROBLOX for a decade and in that decade I had done a lot outside of the platform. I am an experienced Jazz musician, where I have played in a few jazz and rock bands. I have knowledge of jazz and music theory. I can play 8 instruments and experienced in writing for way way more than that! Nowadays, I have looked into video game music composition and am excited to pursue it fully after extensive studying and making many tracks.


My greatest strengths are piano ballads and old video game inspired music.

Nintendo Inspired Tracks


Simple Piano Ballads


Previous ROBLOX Work



Any other sort of music I can attempt to create (I also specialize in String Quartets, Jazz backgrounds, Rock backgrounds, and pop music instrumentals).

Work Schedules

I am free to compose my music a lot of the time, yet any composer will tell you it’s not going to take just a single day to finish a track or a few tracks that is game ready. It depends on how many tracks I work on, a track alone takes about a day to create and then another to fully mix, master, and make ready for use in a ROBLOX game. Depending on how many tracks I work on at once, 5 tracks will take about a week to finish.


A single track is R$ 1,200
3 tracks are 3,600 5 tracks are 6,000

These three prices are not negotiable. Composing 2 or 4 tracks are negotiable in between their set prices. Any more tracks than 5 are negotiable but have to be over 6000 robux.


You can contact me though Discord, Twitter, and ROBLOX PM. To get to me as fast as possible, your best bet is through Twitter.

Discord: [ 6oi #9491 ]
Twitter: @6oiRblx

Thanks you for your time and consideration!


I’m interested, added you on Discord!

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Your prices are wayyy under what most Composers charge.

I’m new to this part of the community, I’ll have to start at a lower price before I establish whatever I have. That’s what a lot of Devs do.

Nice! I like the second song a lot

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Update; I have added 2 extra tracks that show off my work better than maybe some of the others did. My European Dance under Piano ballads and added my previous ROBLOX work. Yet again, thank you for time and consideration.

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Vouching for 6oi. User is dedicated, efficient, and innovative. 6oi goes above and beyond to meet your normal expectations. His inspired music is amazing. Would do business again.

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