[8K+ / 28$USD+ Negotiable] 3D Gun Modeling Commission (mid poly)

Hello! I’m looking for a talented 3D modeler to create weapons for Frontlines!

What game am I helping?

What’s needed?

  • L115A3
  • The Fix
  • Deagle
  • G17
  • M14 EBR
  • VSS Vintorez
  • Benelli M4
  • Mossberg 500
  • M4A1
  • L85A2
  • AK47

And all it’s difference set of variances in terms of barrels/handguard/receiver changes, stock changes, and mag changes.

How should it be made?

  • Mid poly smoothed (8-12K triangles; the lower the better)
  • Also a low poly model version

Sample pictures:

What’s the payment?

  • 8K+ robux PER gun OR 28$USD+ PER gun
  • Will use group funds or paypal

Where to contact?
Reply below / DM me here


This sounds interesting and the game looks great! I got some questions though, you aren’t looking for the style low-poly

But guns with a low triangle count, right? And why exactly are 2 versions needed? Those 2 versions count as ONE so it will only get paid once, yes?

Are those something that you will pay per too? Or do they come together with the gun it’s designed for?

(A lot of questions, but I just want to make sure.)

Unique attachments for the guns can be additional payments to the original. I also need the lower poly model for performance reasons. The nice looking one will only be seen by you. Other players on the map will hold the lower poly version of the gun.

Mid poly version (the one you see) will be around 8-12K triangles; those are also the ones referenced in the images.

Low poly version is just the basic shape of the gun ~ 500-1.5K tris.

This game seems amazing, I can take the job, my discord is BJJUmer#0946

I see, you guys seem like you have thought this through. Alright I would like to apply! Here my portfolio: ItzOnlyKairo | 3D Modeler | Creature/Mob/Monster Modeler | [CLOSED]

I might not have as much experience as others in the field of guns but I would like to try my luck.

I am Very interested , Sent Request please accept
Ay-Men xD#7917

Model must be made in a 3D modeling software, UV wrapped and textured.

Is texture really needed? it can be just colored with the studio material library …

Yes, it is needed.

Reason: to match the rest of our assets.

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Hey, are you looking for a m1911?

All the models I’m looking for needs to be made from scratch, and I’ve already presented the list of models I need above.

Do you have a portfolio I could see?

Hello I’m a roblox builder
I like making guns and I’m intrested in making guns for you!
I can texture guns.
Dm me on discord: subgamer15#5119
Here is an example

I may be able to help

If interested, please contact me at Discord: Jerry#5299

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