A certain part of a animation wont play

I have a animation that when you equip a tool the tool will spin along with your character doing a animation,

But when I actually equip the tool this happens,

The tool wont spin, why?
Also sorry if this is the wrong category

Can’t see tell why it happens much because I usually work with scripts but if I had to guess maybe it has something to do with it being equipped. when tool is equipped it has special placement and it looks as if its overriding the animation because even its placement on the arm is wrong. The tools that are equipped usually move with the arms rotation and placement.

Yes but in the animation I made it so the actual tool moves, can I keep it like that or do I have to make it move with the arm?

1.I will ask few things, is it attached to the body? if yes skip to question 2
2. Did you turn off Requires handle?

No, its a handle of a tool and requires handle is on

requirehandle needs to be turned off

And if you cant or that didn’t work, instead of using welds use motor6D.

EDIT: found this How to animate Tool Parts (Guns, Knifes etc.) Might help

What is your easing style if its cubic change that