A counter for group payouts owed

As a development team with payouts on a large game, smaller purchases tend to be unfavorable to the lower percentage users for automatic payouts.

Although manual payouts are an option, some developers want to use the auto payouts for ease of payment.

Example: You get a 10 robux purchase, after taxes, it leaves 7 robux.
Say you have 40, 30, 15, 10, 5 percentages,

Rounding down to what can be paid out, and what they’re owed.
7*.4 = 2, 0.8
7*.3 = 2, 0.1
7*.15 = 1, 0.05
7*.10 = 0, 0.7
7*.05 = 0, 0.35

Some divisions can run into repeating decimals, so rounding them to the second decimal would work best.

The idea:
Have a decimal stored for each user of how much they’re owed, and display it somewhere on the group, or under developer stats for each game. so the first person would show 0.8 for 1 purchase, 100 of the 10 robux purchases, would leaves 80 robux to be paid out to the 40% user, and it’d make it easier for group owner to payout the amount owed if they have specific amounts owed.


While I understand your issue, I feel like it may just be easier to make group payouts trigger when a number of Robux that is properly divisible builds up in the group funds or some other buffer. Because group payout percentages can only be whole numbers, the max Robux that would have to exist for a payout would be 100R$.


Yep – it would be odd to provide tools so developers could manually work around the issue instead of fixing it to begin with. As I elaborate on in this feature request, it would be great if this was handled by ROBLOX.

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