A question about remote functions limit

Hello everyone,

I’m currently making an inventory system for my game. I made so that player’s content save on a module but the problem is the module is server sided which means clients can’t access it so I thought about using Remote Functions. But the issue is I will request it every time the Player presses E. so with that out of that way I have 2 questions.

1- is the limit of the remote functions per player or all players share the same limit?
2- If all players share the same limit then how would I stop exploiters from reaching the limit by spamming?

Thanks for your time.

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I didn’t know there was a limit on requests using remote functions (as long as that remote doesn’t try to access a data store), but there is no way to prevent exploiters from spamming requests through remotes, since that would need to be done on the client and the client cannot be secure*.

*It is actually a bit more nuanced than that, but it is not worth trying to secure the client.


I hope these help!

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