A way for members to see their posts moved to lounge

Sometimes a post more appropriate for #lounge is made by a member. So it is then moved there. This now means the member cannot see their own post anymore until they are a regular. So can there be a way for members to see their own post?

I was thinking that the member can “see” the #lounge category but only that one post to prevent potential leaking.

Though I am not sure of any other ideas but that should be left to the sages and staff to decide

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The lounge ‘section’ whatever you call it is hidden by default for members, and I don’t think it is possible / practice to show the entire category to show one post.

I think the best solution could potentially just be to allow a rule which allows regulars to parse on information from that post to the oP.

There is one thing I might need clarification on, isn’t #discussion and #lounge:roblox-discussion basically the same thing except that #lounge:roblox-discussion is for regulars? Why couldn’t they just move it into discussion?

#discussion is for talking about the development of games on Roblox, where as #lounge:roblox-discussion is for general Roblox talk, like UGC, policies, etc.

Speaking of #discussion, I am noticing members are basically bypassing post approval and the restriction of topic creation on #discussion by members. They post in an incorrect category then it gets moved to #discussion because it just happens to be more suitable for it.

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