A way to block hyperion bypass

so can u explain it a bit more and how it stops hackers and idk but i think they can use hacks in 64

The roblox hyperion anti-cheat is in the 64-bit versions. This could stop hackers because if they are using a 32-bit version it would detect that, then you could link it up to your own anti-cheat or just kick them

There are now also bypasses to the microsoft store version. So if you check if there on a 32 bit client and not a phone then they must be hacking right?

The current bypass for the Microsoft Store is to be on an old version without Hyperion. This will go away once Roblox forces everyone onto version 594 or later.

My UWP client hasn’t updated yet. Are you saying I must be an exploiter?

Can’t wait for basically every exploiter to be gone

Only ones left will be using android emulators, which are just terrible performance

I meant there are ways to download the old version without hyperion. also pretty sure it has been fully rolled out so you might just need to update it