A way to prevent dex or other guis that exploiters put in coregui?

no i meant making a local script inside a coregui so you can parent it with script.parent

You can’t manipulate CoreGui if that’s a question, normal scripts don’t have access to really do anything CoreGui related.

Yes. The server can’t see the GUI so it can’t tell if there’s something new inside.

well its not possible then atleast i learned that

Yep, limitations and client sided stuff are the reasons mostly.

Also, nice display name. Gave me a good laugh.

Real quick, an interesting read for you might be this thread. It’s absolutely massive and gives you a good understanding on how basically, there is no patch. Even if you were to find one, it’d be difficult for you to keep it for very long before Dex is changed to counteract your change.

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Can you use game.DescendantAdded to atleast check if dex is added? also i know a bit that synapse have path protection so it might not be working at all

Seeing the replies, its actually very helpful. Mostly because of the info giving about certain exploit tools.


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No. It doesn’t have access to the CoreGUI it can’t see that its there.

Oh i see but i have a football league and i need to get rid of firetouchinterest because exploiters can just abuse that to move the ball without touching it

and with dex they can just remove the anti cheat

No they can’t. It’d only remove it cliently, it is still stored on the server.

Ever heard of FilteringEnabled?

Thats the point i use clientsided anti cheat not serverside

And i dont know how to make a serversided anti cheat

I think it’ll still work. Try to exploit in your game to test it maybe? No idea.

So you know what the exploit is, then just remove anything related to firetouchinterest. Make it server sided of course.

i have synapse to test my game but idk how to patch firetouchinterest

maybe i can check the distance of them touching the ball?

Lag might screw them over, Ping and FPS.

Yeah thats the point but it will not kick them it will just decline their touch to the ball