Ability to hide posts that I cannot interact with

As a neglected New Member, it saddens me that I cannot participate in many categories of the developer forum. I can read thoughtful discussions, but I cannot interact in any way, add my own thoughts or discuss them with others.

Due to the discontinuation of Post Approval and the Member promotion system, I do not see a future where I could ever gain such privileges back. I am simply not allowed to interact with full Members and their discussions in critical categories such as bug reports and feature requests.

I am writing this topic to request that you allow me and other New Members to hide these categories and topics from view that we are limited from interacting with. Quite often I read a post and want to share my opinion but find that it’s in a restricted category and I can’t even reply.

I feel like hiding such posts would be an acceptable (optional) solution to this problem if you are unwilling or unable to give existing New Members the opportunity to earn a promotion. It would ease the sadness at least and remove some of the constant reminders that I have essentially zero access or privileges.

I wish you the best and hope that the developer forum remains sustainable despite the limitations placed on its community during these trying times.


Just mute the categories – this hides them from the home page, as well as its topics from sorts like new and latest. I would imagine that despite lack of posting permissions, others would still like to show support for a feature request, even if they can give at most a like.

I do believe the drama is a little unnecessary though.


I do. However, they still appear in suggested topics, which is a large part of how I explore the DevForum during my day-to-day reading.

I would at least like the option to properly exclude myself from reading such posts.

Did you mute the subcategories? Unfortunately, Discourse mutes are not recursive, so you have to mute every subcategory.

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From my experience, Discourse mutes do not suppress discovery, only notifications. They will still appear in search, in Suggested Posts, and so on. Just not any notification feeds.

Individually muting over 15 subcategories is also quite tedious, even if it did work.

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So… just don’t look at those? They did say that the promotions should resume soon without any deadlines tho.

There is really no need to dramatize so much either. It’s just a low quality forum and at best you can’t bump 3 years old posts. It’s not like the Roblox staff are starving you here.

That’s the idea, yes. In practice that’s a bit easier said than done. I’d rather not focus on avoiding posts that I can’t interact with, dwelling on that isn’t very productive or fun.

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Being here overall isn’t very productive to begin with so you’re kind of shooting yourself in the foot here.


I think it’s 100% outrageous that Roblox isn’t prioritizing finding a replacement for the approval system, or adding it back. I see very many posts I want to interact with, yet I cant since it’s a bug report or suggestion. The last update on this issue was in october.


Do you have proof of that? I can see them struggling with finding something that would keep 100s if not 1000s of people at bay everyday while taking into account that engineers require have bloat-free posts from us along with “regulars setting an example”.

Doubt this, I can probably go right now and within 5 minutes i can find a spam post in a bug report or suggestion category.

I have a lot of ideas for the Roblox engine I cant get out, while regulars can, and sometimes they are pretty bad ideas, or just outright spam.

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Tell that to a certain person that has said this exact quote in the past…

You can mute the categories. It is the same think, trust me!

Necropost; that has been suggested but the thing is, is that the forum software will still reccomend posts from muted categories.

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Oh, then you can mute the author of the forum and you will ignore this forum, I think. Give it a try!

Hey folks,

As stated above (marked as solution), you can mute categories to stop receiving notifications about those topics and seeing them in the category lists. You may still see and be notified of posts that you previously opened or interacted with; those can be manually unfollowed via Discourse notification setting on the thread.

We’re looking into ways to improve creator feedback workflows so that everyone can give feedback on our products regardless of forum trust level or other kinds of restrictions, and still get meaningful feedback from our teams.

I encourage you to discuss on other existing feature requests about the issue of not being able to post bug reports and feature requests.

Closing this thread out as we will not be pursuing this particular request since it is already solved by Discourse notification levels/settings.