Ability to refund purchases

ProcessReceipt is unrelated. The previous posts clarify that.

How is it unrelated? In the original post, it sounds like players’ Robux are being taken and they aren’t receiving what they paid for. The solution to that is to wait to accept their money until you’ve given them what they paid for and stored the transaction in a data store.

That isn’t the problem. The problem is that I want to have the option to give refunds when players aren’t satisfied with the product, whether it be because my code didn’t work or datastores broke or amazon exploded or they just didn’t like what they bought.

In the example in the OP I have a problem where my code works fine whenever I test it but occasionally players say they didn’t get what they bought. How can I even debug that when it works for me 100% of the time? But that isn’t the only use case for refunds, so I don’t want the thread getting hung up on that one example.

Which is why I specifically referenced previous posts rather than the OP. I will re-iterate and add to the points of interest so we’re all on the same page and there’s no further confusion:

  • Even following good ProcessReceipt practices, code can be bugged and I may have players not receive the item / receive the wrong item

  • Again due to bugs, players may have their data reset (not related to ProcessReceipt, but rather the DataStore loading code); Since I have no idea what specifically was in their inventory (they could have bought 10 items and used 5 of them), I may want to refund x% of what they spent in the past y days

  • Players may buy something thinking it’s something else because of bad design on my part, and for good PR I want to refund their money

  • I may implement ability X in a game, find out it’s not very balanced for a game of my scale after testing it on production, and want to refund players who bought it

When it comes to micro-transactions I believe it is better to give the user the benefit of the doubt. A customer who receives something from my game for free is not an issue compared to a customer purchasing something and not receiving it. Whenever I am designing my system I ensure that for a low-price item the user receives it before I receive my payment, and I believe when the price is negligible most developers should adopt this principle.

Sometimes there are bugs that are out of our control though, so this would be very useful indeed.

What would you do in this situation? Gamepasses he bought totals around 150 Robux.

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It’s tricky though, because users might start spontaneously getting little brothers if you do start giving refunds for these reasons. I just don’t think refunds make a lot of sense unless a user didn’t actually get anything in return, or if the item is broken and you can’t fix it. But I guess a refund feature could still help for extreme cases.

How is this related to the feature? This already happens now with data restores – I’ve had to deal with it while restoring data for Zombie Rush. It’s developers’ who are responsible for this. If they start giving instant refunds to every sob story, then of course players will exploit that. If they use the feature responsibly this won’t be an issue for them. Developers are responsible for determining what deserves a refund, and this feature has nothing to do with poor oversight – that’s just user error.

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What you just wrote is an expanded version of what I meant with “could still help for extreme cases”, so we’re on the same page.

I think people in this post are getting way too deep into the technical issues for the example scenario and overlooking the real point: regardless of the problem, allow us to issue refunds whenever we see fit.

I’m not sure how I feel about refunds, though. Allowing refunds will mean players will constantly expect refunds and at the end of the day will cause far more unfair complaints than happy customers. Honestly I for one would much rather not have to deal with constant refund demands because children irresponsibly spend their birthday money on my game and then feel buyers remorse.

I am going to bump this up because of another possible bug with no automatic refunds happening.

By the way, it becomes 900% more for NBC players to do a refund like that instead of 42%. That isn’t the main reason I am bringing this up, this is:

info@roblox.com is telling players that they won’t handle refunds, and developers are responsible for doing it. This either 66% lose or 1030% lose is not something we should have to handle.

  1. Buy ingame stuff
  2. Use ingame stuff
  3. Demand refund
  4. Report game