Ability to upload development and UGC items from the new Creator dashboard

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to upload certain development items, such as audios or decals, directly from the new creator dashboard that recently got launched.

The current (and old!) develop page has currently a feature on certain development items, such as decals, audios, badges, game passes, etc. While the new Creator dashboard looks cool and nice and all of that, it is still frustrating to see that this has not been implemented.

When the new creator dashboards replaces the old one, many newer developers will find it confusing if they aren’t able to upload it directly from the website, like the current old one. Adding this feature onto the new one will let us easily upload audios, decals, badges, game passes, shirts, t-shirts and pants, and it will the newer developers to easier understand how it works on the new one.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my experience with the new creator dashboard because it will be a lot easier for us when it releases and replaces the old one, and to make it less confusing to newer developers that might get confused when this get released.


I believe this is the intention of the new page…

Please read the entire post before making feature requests

  1. It states in the title ‘Beta’ (ie, stuff is still being worked on)
  2. Literally the 4th line down basically states exactly what your feature request asks for

This will be the replacement for the Create page (www.roblox.com/develop ) in the long term, but we are working on adding more functionality before we start directing traffic to the new page :vertical_traffic_light:

It’s not a lot of text to read. You shouldn’t be using the new creator dashboard. You should still be using the one Roblox has linked when clicking on the Create tab on Roblox.