Abnormal Player-count Loss

Over the past week, our game Survivor has seen a drastic decline in player counts, suddenly losing a majority of its players.

Normally, it’d make sense for this to be related to school (since it’s roughly that time of year), but this has not happened in other games I own and the change is far too drastic to be from anything else. The game has not been updated in well over a month.

Some of the issues we’ve seen:

  • The game sometimes crashes when players join. We’ve experienced this ourselves on phones & computers and this has previously not been an issue at all.
  • We’ve heard a few reports of performance being signficiantly worse than before (and mobile players seem to slightly more affected by the change, so that would probably be related).
  • The framerate seems very inconsistent. Despite sometimes being relatively high numbers in terms of fps, there’s constant large gaps between the frames that make the experience feel significantly worse.

If someone could look into this, it would be much appreciated.


The details here are very broad. I think you’ll need to narrow down some more of the details before anything substantial can really be looked into.

Edit: Maybe this is extra reason to get an improved developer stats page. It would be nice to see a graph of crashes.


Well for starters, I joined the game on an iPhone XR and within 1 second it was just frozen so there’s that :man_shrugging:


For some reason I’ve always had connection issues to Survivor, never any other game. It either doesn’t load, or it takes 2-3 minutes to load. Every other game is instant. Some days it loads faster than others though.

Not sure if this is related to your issue, maybe roblox is having another over-load episode :roll_eyes:

Could you share play session length graphs? They might backup that something in the game is causing the issue, such as crashing. If play session lengths are about the same, then maybe it is that the game fell out of some some gamesort that you were getting most of your traffic from.

The place that you go to when you join is mostly just used for teleporting to the main game, so the visit length statistics here aren’t particularly helpful. It would be great to see total visit length in the game (rather than for the individual places in one), but that’s a problem for another day.

Here’s the actual stats. The spike in the middle was the result of Roblox’s TeleportService failing and is completely unrelated to the main issue we’re experiencing.

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Can confirm, i am experiencing abnormal crashes as well at random times throughout the day.

To supply more information on what experiencing, basically server crashes. My game is a community driven city and usually only has 1-2 active servers. I have had zero problems up until about 2-3 days ago. I have not published any updates for well over a few weeks and have had no problems between then and now. From what i can gather this happens at complete random. I could have a full server of 65 players and next thing i know its down to 5 due to a server crash.

This could be to do with the New luau VM. Are the issues still persistent now the VM has been disabled?

I joined your game expecting to have no issues since my PC is pretty good (can run any roblox game at max settings with 0 frame rate issues) and my internet speed is really fast

after 3 seconds my game froze for 10 seconds and I have random fps drops often all at low settings

I’m going to have to go with this post, it could be because of the new LuaU, however I will look further in depth of this as it’s quite interesting, I will keep you updated! :happy1:

It immediately froze for me as soon as I joined ( and I like to think I have a mid range gaming laptop. )

I believe part of the issue could either be Roblox’s new Luau system, or it could also be the fact that from the frame I seen in-game, nothing has cast-shadow set to off, which causes immeasurable strain on the GPU when you have hundreds of thousands of parts that don’t need shadows.

Try disabling ShadowMap, and if that doesn’t work, it could be due to Luau.

The freezes in Survivor have nothing to do with Lua VM; they are a consequence of a very large localization table which causes a 10+ second freeze on startup and slowdowns down the line. We are investigating how specifically this came to be; in the meantime cleaning up the localization table should resolve these issues.


We’ve had exactly the same issues. We haven’t updated our game in a couple months but pretty recently, players have started to get really bad lag spikes/freezes and the micro profiler isn’t really helping.

I’m not quite sure if this is the case, because we get the same spikes on our dev-place that has no localization entries(without much micro profiler help or any reason why the spikes would be caused by something we changed)

I wish I could be of more assistance here but there’s not a lot to go off of, just general loss in performance over time and excruciatingly bad lag spikes

edit: We had automatic capture on the dev place, but our dev place only had 6 pages of entries. This shouldn’t have warranted any issues

I’m quite sure that in Survivor’s case the source of significant performance issues is localization. I don’t know what issues happen in your game, a good start would be to add a link to your game and try to gather microprofile data showing the issue happening.

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Clearing the localization table seemed to fix the issue. Thanks for the quick response :grinning:

It’s still a bit strange that these issues started happening pretty suddenly, though. Might be worth looking into since it was enabled for months and didn’t have any issues until recently. (I’m sure your team would know better than I do, though.)