Absurd Studios Hiring For new game Time Critters( time travelling roleplay)

About Us
Hi there! We are Absurd Studios. We are a new upcoming studio with lots of available roles.

The team
We are looking for a team of people who want a permanent job helping develop an upcoming time travelling game.

We are recruiting all roles so reply to this post or message me on the developer forum for a job.

You will get a percentage in the game which will be discussed and if the game is unsuccessful you will get paid in intervals through a period of time

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Hey, I’m FriendlyBuilder24 a 4 years experienced scripter and I want to help you with this project. I would like to become the scripter my portfolio is this and my YouTube channel is this


Contact me through roblox or discord, I would recommend discord because I’m always online. My discord is FriendlyBuilder24#9768 hope I’m accepted if not I understand, thank you for your time!

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Hey, I’m WoofWoofWatermelonYT! I have multiple years of experience with ROBLOX Development, including building, scripting, and UI Design. I would like to be any rank that is available. My portfolio is coming soon, and I would be glad to help with this group!

Discord: Woof Woof Watermelon#6669, or please message/reply to this message.

Thank you,

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I’m interested, I’ll leave you my portfolio Lasdark17 | Artist ,logo designer, 2D,designer miniatures GFX| Portfolios

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Willing to be a tester for 25 Robux Covering Tax Or 5% of profits!
Discord: DareDaniel0#7616

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