Accessories not going on to Dummy

I have a dummy that I inserted from the Animation Editor.
I have then placed it into a ViewportFrame and I am trying to add hats to it through a button that the player clicks. This is for a character customizer.

It works except that the accessory is never correctly placed on to the character, it gets parented to it but then is randomly placed. I can’t just CFrame to the player’s head because it would not be correctly fitted to the hat’s offsets and what not.

Anyone got any ideas?

All I am doing is parenting the accessory to the character which is parented to the ViewportFrame.

I’ve figured it out that it works in a server script fine, but a local script does not. This is in PlayerGui so I don’t see how I can use a server script.

What’s the hierarchy of your accessory? Accessories, when parented to an assembly with a Humanoid, will be positioned to line up with an attachment in the Humanoid. For example, if you want to add a hat to the user, you create an attachment in the accessory’s handle called HatAttachment which then gets lined up and welded to HatAttachment in the Humanoid.

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The attachments are all good. I did some research and found out that what I am trying to do isn’t possible. I found a method that kinda does what I want, where I set the position of all the hats, etc on to the dummy in workspace, then copy that over to the viewport frame.

Actually got the idea from you!