Accessories on new rig behave weirdly

I think the problem is the math.

Position is local to the mesh. WorldPosition is global.
If you want to use the same Position as the attachment in the character, you need to start it off at the exact same CFrame. So in the middle of LeftLowerArm.

Even if it was wrong, I don’t see how it is able to cause scaling issues. Aswell as this, this was the same method I used for the older rig, and it worked.

When setting worldposition it also changes position to make it local to that mesh so it should work

Yea something strange is going on. I’m investigating. I bet it has something to do with this:

I’m just moving the accesory in and out of the model, and it’s clearly scaling it

Yeah, I also tried to tackle this issue before, and I thought i was just doing something wrong so I just used the older rig without thinking much of it

This is what I usually do:

  • Copy the body part
  • Resize it to be 0.2,0.2,0.2
  • Call it Origin
  • Make a model with origin and the to-weld parts. Weld them on runtime, and then just weld origin to the original body part.

I’ll try the welding workflow as a last resort, but I prefer the accessory workflow so I’ll try and stick with that if i can. If we’re unable to come up with a solution, I’ll try marking this as a bug to roblox and see their response

Also, if this is intended behaviour, it’d break all catalog items

No, your rig is just broken.

Yep! That was it. Grab a fresh R15.

Ah, that isn’t the issue, the “broken rig” is the dynamic faces rig, and the old rig i was referring to was the r15 rig

No, it’s definitely the rig haha.

Check out the dynamic faces rig, it’s a different rig Updates to the Dynamic Heads Beta Feature

I was previously using R15

No, I believe you. But the attachments aren’t in the same place. That’s why it was constantly offset: you were using the data of a normal rig, instead of that one.


Ah, that is what the script is for. The script repositions the attachment positions of the armour components to the new attachment positions, Dynamic Faces Rig has attachments in different places - #3 by kingdomkind

Yea and that’s the issue. When you move the attachment on the worldposition, what you’re actually doing is moving the Handle in the opposite direction. Because of the constraints and stuff.

Thanks for telling me that, I never knew that!

However, I’m still seeing some issues, and I’ll try messing around with them to see if I can fix them

On that last one? That was on that rig you used. The attachments are in the right place if you grab a normal R15. You could also adjust for that other R15