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Well but this doesn’t directly apply to my extension. So still the practices used by this extensions are the ones that looked safer to me

Not to worry - the developer forums resources section isn’t a place for competition, despite many users here making it out to be one. Just keep doing what you’re doing and improving as you go!

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Interesting concept. Does this currently support Mozilla Firefox?

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Unfortunatelly not, Firefox doesn’t support manifest v3 yet so i need to convert it to v2

Update: The Firefox version is available as of 1st July 2022

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It is also easy to access the .ROBLOSECURITY with a virus. There are cookie grabbers that launch when the Roblox game launcher runs. You can’t blame him for this-- it isn’t his fault. It also isn’t hard to avoid malware, just use common sense and don’t run FREE ROBUX 2022 REAL OMG.exe


That’s what I imagined. Is it possible to contribute to the extension via GitHub PRs? If so, do you have any guidelines for doing so? I would recommend including a file, and 100% a license if so.

Yes pull requests are welcome. I will include a file, thanks for the suggestion!

Great! Also make sure to add a license, otherwise it gets very hairy when it comes to the IP. Literally almost any FOSS one will work, I prefer to use the GNU Public License (not legal advice; read the terms and make sure they suit your needs).


Added :slightly_smiling_face:. I need to think about the license and choose the one that fits the most.

Released new version with minor fixes. I am working for compatibility with Firefox.

Please note that if you remove the extension from the browser it cannot remove the copied cookies, so before doing that remove each account you saved.

I think a cool addition to this would be a live view of the core GUI while the plugin is on, (which actually might make general UI design easier for everyone, since you could see where the icons are), where you could switch between pc and mobile.
Now, to accompany that, hovering over the piece of UI would give it an outline, except for the pause button (still have the button for UI design purposes). Why? Well, clicking on the UI elements could disable or enable them!
If that was the case, how would users tell if the UI is disabled or not? Have disabled UI be more transparent with a red tint.
I think that those changes would push this plugin from great, to really great!
Still, I think that this is a great plugin, and has much more use because of mobile UI modification support. I just find the UI to be, kinda ugly. But this is an easy install choice for me over the competition. Great work!

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Hi, thanks for your feedback! Could you please explain what you mean by mobile UI? Extensions cannot work on mobile. Also yes I can improve the UI, i mainly referred to the style of but I may change it to the roblox website design. If I understood correctly you said that it’s not really understandable that the remove account button is disabled right? Also what OS you mean by core gui?

I mean, it helps to expand the concept of extensions and plugins

I would like you to better explain what you meant with core gui, mobile UI and pause button :slight_smile:

I’m sorry if I can’t give a good explanation, I’m just new here

Don’t worry. I just wanted to understand what you meant so that I could take it in consideration and see if I can implement it. Also notice that you can submit a pr on Github with the changes you would like and I will take a look, just make sure to read

I can’t see how this us unsafe as many others have said?

If it’s locally and nothing external then there’s not really much to do?

im guessing the extension just saves the cookie onto the browser thing, just like the extension to find your cookie, so yes i would probably use this.

correct me if im wrong about anything :slight_smile:


You’re right

It requires access to Roblox cookies only, I removed the all urls permission in the last release but instead of just showing the cookies it just duplicates and reuses them to switch account

When the Firefox version will be available would you like it to be on the addons store or just keep it local? The Firefox addons store is the only available one to me, in the case where this gets positive feedback I may put it on the edge store as well

  • Yes
  • No

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I’m pretty sure you can install Chrome Web Store extensions via Edge, so maybe you could redirect Microsoft Edge users there for the timebeing.