Actual YouTube livestreams on Roblox


Woah that’s really cool! Well done. Will you use this? (Or is it a practice project)

This is amazing how did you even script this and how long did this take you to do.

Yeah this project is mostly just a practice for me, and give me an excuse to try out CanvasDraw - A powerful pixel-based graphics engine (Draw pixels, lines, triangles, and much more!)


I think it’s within few hours, it’s probably longer than I remember

You need to do a tutorial on how to do this

I theorize that this is utilizing python to get the pixel data, colors, etc from said livestream and
CanvasDraw to render everything, while being very impressive and nonetheless cool, there’s no doubt about this going against TOS.


it’s cool except for the Livestream itself. I’m not gonna talk about that but other than that great!

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Cool to see someone using CanvasDraw. Do you mind sharing how you did the streaming? And also any performance issues or other limitations with this?


Oh wow, that looks amazing! Very cool! 10/10 from me!

Why are the colors different between the actual like stream and the roblox live stream? Also, you definitely used python. In the video, it appears you looked up a command for pip, the python package installer. I’m however thinking you downloaded the frames from a different video due to the color difference either that or you started from the start of the video (as the times on the clocks are different)

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I forgot to convert it from BGR to RGB lol