Add a “Stay Signed In” option to the login page

As a common Roblox user, I find it surprising that you aren’t automatically logged out when closing out of the browser tab or window like you would expect from other websites. Once you finish logging in you are directed to the home page, no prompts or anything.

This is a pretty big issue because any user could log out of their device and assume they’ve been signed out of Roblox, but they really haven’t. This opens the door to people gaining non-granted access to accounts they don’t own and making unwanted changes. This problem is especially common in public places with shared technology anyone can use.

If Roblox added something as simple as a checkbox during log-in or a prompt that covers the screen, users could decide wether they are ok with staying signed in or not. Staying signed in for a certain amount of days (say 30) and being automatically logged-out afterwards could encourage users to memorize their passwords and help keep their accounts safe.