Add "blank" Rthro bundles that support clothing

Not sure what category this would fit in as it affects the platform as a whole…? Change if needed.

As a Roblox player, it has been very difficult to create personal and customized avatars using Rthro bundles. Although there is currently a large selection of Rthro bundles available in the catalog, these bundles don’t offer much customization. You either use all the body parts in that bundle, or your avatar will look like a mismatched jigsaw puzzle.

The biggest problem I have with Rthro is that all of the bundles have pre-applied textures to them that you cannot change. These textures limit pretty much any personalization to your avatar. Customization has been the main reason why I am currently not using Rthro on my avatar or any of my games. For a lot of developers, your avatar is part of your brand. It’s difficult to establish a brand with your avatar when your avatar looks like everyone else using the same bundle.

What I feel would be useful for Rthro is to add “blank” bundles. With Robloxian 2.0, there is a bunch of packages that were blank and allowed shirts/pants to be applied to them. These had very limited textures and allowed users to mix/match without causing an odd mashup of body parts.

This is something that’s not possible to do with Rthro. Shirts/pants are pretty much non-existent with Rthro packages and I feel this is the primary reason why Rthro bundles are not used.

Side Note: I am aware these bundles do stretch for Rthro, but it would be nice to have ACTUAL Rthro bundles that change just your body shape. With stretching 2.0 bundles, the scaling itself doesn’t seem right in terms of proportion (super thick arms/legs).

Example of what I talking about


This purpose of this feature request is to add bundles that work similar to 2.0 bundles so there won’t be odd proportions.


I really think the adoption rate of rthro over legacy avatars would be greatly increased with this. I almost never see players using paid rthro bodies, only a few free rthro bodies here and there.


I forget where I saw it, but I believe they bought most of the Rthro packages from a third party source. It would be nice if they were able to configure the packages up to change the clothing to a Shirt and Pants rather than having it on the body parts were they can not be removed.

EDIT: I believe this is where they get some of them:


Dont forget that they can just make overlaying shirt and pants to include if there are no clothing on otherwise (ie the penguin)


I support this idea, there should be already a blank model, the reason people dislike rthro and don’t use it this days it’s because it needs more customization. With some rthro bundles like the ones we had before they introduced rthro would increase its use and it would even attract clothing designers to design new clothes made for rthro which implies more developers joining. Maybe they are still finding a model that actually looks really good since the “test” they put in the library was blank. That model motivated me when it was released and I even made animations with that rthro model because I thought they were going to release it like that and I was excited for it, to be honest, I didn’t like the fact that they released rthro bundles but not a customizable one.

Saying that I hope that if this gets released the clothes we bought already look good in the new model and want to state that I would love to animate these models and actually implement them in any game. :slight_smile: