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paint,net is a picture editor, but the real website is paint,net is a shady website with two suspicious-looking JavaScripts and one ad analytics tracking script.

Unfortunately, when people talk about the application, they always add the dot. Many people always click the link, and the JS looks very suspicious.

This is clearly a browser snipe.

So whenever someone posts or replies something, have it get approved before posting, maybe even automatically removing the link or replacing it with

(Note that Discord links are filtered, so filtering links isn’t out of the question)

  • Add to the filter
  • Do not add to the filter

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I have never seen someone say paint(Dot)net, but that makes sense I guess.

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as one example.

8 link clicks!

I actually never knew this but this is a very interesting thing that you have caught.

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Yeah it can happen with other sites (like gmailc dot om instead of

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This one is also a much more easily-made mistake, because that’s the name of the app (also the link is anyway)

I don’t get anything? Nonetheless I wouldn’t really mind.

In the meantime to make point to the actual website do [](

(the link is safe)

That is likely just a typo, seems silly to me to add a bunch of intentionally typoed links that are people might take advantage of. Just DM the OP about it, or flag it if the user had malicious intention.

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The site gmailc dot com is literally a virus site. Windows detects that and stops you going on it.

You didn’t understand, perhaps I should have clarified. Adding a bunch of typoed websites is a huge waste of time because there could be so many of them, and again if the user didn’t mean it just DM them, otherwise just flag. And why would someone refer to on the developer forum?

It links to this topic about visiting the wrong websites by typing the wrong URL.

I’m all for the protection of users but this would cause unnecessary problems when users are trying to mention the application.

It would be far better if the hyperlink would be aimed at the actual website automatically (like @sjr04’s temporary solution). Perhaps this could be done with a plugin?


This sounds good, I just wasn’t sure if this was possible.

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That solution is likely more viable than outright banning it; doing that would complicate things when they don’t need to be.


Actually was actually an online paint store to purchase paint from, they could have gone out of business. But if we add then I think we should add to the list, since you can do video editing, and photoshopping and use it for making clothing, and what not. Sure it costs, but it’s just as useful as

Not sure you’re understanding.

Clearly paint,net went out of business, but it looks to be re-bought.

What does have to do with this? literally is a Photo Editor / Photo Creator tool. I always use it for making decals, or clothing in Roblox.

I’m not talking about photo editors, I’m talking about the fact that paint,net is not a safe website.

Then why add the bad website to the filter? According to your title of this post.

It doesn’t point to the actual website to get the software. The website to get the software is

Yes I already know this, but I am referring to the title of his post.