Add the bypassing minimum word count offense to global rule seven

Currently, members in the forum are bypassing the minimum world limit by adding spaces.

This picture was taken in #development-discussion.

There should be a rule under Global rule 7, that bypassing minimum word count through spaces is not allowed.

This would ensure a lesser amount of clutter created.


Some words they want to say but to short

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They could either take it to PMs or they could just like the post if they are of the same opinion. It isn’t that hard.


Clutter text is against the rules, so you can flag this under spam.

Sometimes invisible characters can slip through moderation once flagged, but moderators won’t hesitate to remove posts if this is explained through the Something Else option.

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Sure, it’s mentioned in the summary, but it would be better if it was mentioned under global rule 7, since it most likely fall under that category. And it would also be more clear to users of the forum.

The rules on it are already in place. OP is not a feature request then.

Currently it is listed only in summary, but for a strange reason, it isn’t mentioned under global rule 7. Mentioning it under global rule 7 would ensure a better clarity on what can be considered clutter.

They have tried to prevent users from circumventing the character limit by not allowing users to post things containing words such as:


In your example, the user didn’t use spaces, but they used a Unicode character, U+3164 to be exact, which looks like a space (I have a link to the example you showed).

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What about eg. help threads? Sometimes when the author is asked a question there’s no need for them to fill in an entire paragraph if they could use one sentence. What you posted simply falls under the no spam rule.

If the user wants to show appreciation for the user in replies such as “Thanks a lot!”, they can just use the like button to show praise of the post.

Read my post carefully, I was talking about the minimum character limit getting bypassed, not about adding a minimum character limit to posts.

Dang, I knew it would come to this. I made a feature request about this however in order to solve the problem, every invisible Unicode characters would have to be banned on the word list by admins. This would cause more of an issue than leaving it as it is.

And that’s exactly what I’m talking about - sometimes people don’t bypass it just to spam. All we need is common sense. That’s my opinion though.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to find people with common sense, maybe they’d follow this rule if it was announced officially.

couldn’t the forum just delete spaces if their is more than one space together

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There are certain things a company should do. They can’t literally depend on members to follow all rules.

I don’t think that’s possible. Maybe a plugin can be made for that.

Well their must be some sort of filterer because people cant swear on the forum so just add to that part if their is two or more spaces then the space is deleted or you get a warning saying dont do it.

We should stick to the rules. I don’t think this is a massive problem because this happens very occasionally. There’s a rule and I don’t know what is this feature request? What are we supposed to add here? It’s clearly mentioned in the rules of the DevForum.

I do agree with you their is not much they can do with a couple of words and I think the only reason their is a thirty letter work thing is so that you give developed answers because if someone wanted to spam they could literally copy and paste the same 30 letter sentence over and over again.

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They should at least ban the common ones though. The Unicode character I mentioned has been used in several posts: