Adding button to the expand/collapse menu

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I’ve been thinking lately about whether we can add a custom button to the new expand/collapse menu. If we can, how can I achieve it?

(I am talking about this)
Capture d'écran 2024-03-23 111839

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I don’t think there is an official way to do this, but there are modules like this one that create topbar buttons that look like roblox’s

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Just like the Custom Topbar Button module does, you can get the currently visible CoreGUI to the player, find and copy the button’s style, and then make one under that CoreGUI. Then you can add your click behaviour to it. I do not think the above module yet supports this menu.

Thanks, but how can I copy the style of a button in the CoreGUI?

You find the button with your script, and you get its properties, size, children, colour and such, you can look at the script of the module below for an example

I don’t think we can copy the properties of a topbar button. I’ll use this module that I found instead

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