Adding gifs to GUIs

I need to add a gif to a GUI, but I have no idea how. I am willing to spend Robux to upload the file if necessary. Any help is appreciated. Here is the file I am trying to upload; giphy


You don’t need to spend any Robux to achieve this. The gif you sent is made up of 160 individual frames. Using a converter, you can turn this into 160 images and upload each to Roblox, using Roblox Studio’s image uploader to speed things up. Then take every image URL and assign them to image labels. Finally, create a loop to make every frame visible, one-by-one, to play the GIF.

There are alternative methods to this, but none allow you to upload a GIF or a video. While Roblox had games with videos in them for a while now, it is hard to know when it will be a public feature.

You can use this online tool to convert your GIF into frames: Split GIF image in frames


This sounds like a lot of work, but I suppose there aren’t any other solutions. Thanks for your help.


Be sure to use Roblox Studio, as it allows you to upload as many images as you want at once, instead of going through each one-by-one.


There are videoFrame but currently you can publish so this is the only solution (split image)

I remember coming across a module in #resources:community-resources which allowed to make “gif” from split image but I can’t find the post

*I think i found the post


If the resolution of the gif isn’t very large, you can consider exporting all the frames into a spritesheet, then upload to Roblox, and finally code a script that plays the spritesheet frame by frame

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