Adding To Numbers Using Script

So, I have been creating a game to practice scripting in Roblox Studio. I ran into an issue… Again… And I need some help. You see, I want to make it so that when you click a GUI text button, it adds 1 to a number on a text label. I don’t know if this is even possible, but if so, please tell me what I need to do as I am stuck. Thank you!

Here are some pictures…





Are you using a GUI Button or a click detector?

I am using a GUI Text Button for it.

I am not completely sure that I understand. You have to know I have never really scripted that much before. Is there anything else you could do to explain that process? Sorry!

Here is a method you could try:

-- LocalScript inside of the TextButton

local label = -- path to your TextLabel inside of your SurfaceGui
local number = 0

    number += 1
    label.Text = number

Replace the comment to reference your TextLabel inside of your SurfaceGui


It worked, but It added to the counter every time you pressed the button. Let me show you some more pictures.

Here are the two counters I need the GUI to communicate with.

Here is the location I need a part to go so that then when you click the GUI, it adds one to the counter.

And here is the script I have so far. I need some lines in there though to trigger the counter.

local label = game.Workspace.Counter.SurfaceGui.TextLabel
local number = 0
local button = script.Parent.TextButton

number += 1
label.Text = (number)

If this doesn’t work, I am sorry.

It didn’t work, but it’s okay! I’ll find another way to get it up and running!

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