Advanced Flashlight (Horror Game)

Hello @DayLighter_09 this open source flashlight system is really good,
although is it possible to make it so the module follows the player’s mouse instead of CurrenCamera’s CFrame.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I haven’t coded that yet but I will in the next update.

Cool module, will you fix the shaky ring issue anytime soon?

I’m trying hard to fix it, I can’t seem to get it. If any of you guys can edit the module and find a fix that would be great. It’s an open sourced module so you can do whatever u want with it lol. I hope I find a fix soon tho :smile:

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maybe create a thread in #help-and-feedback and they might be able to help you there as I tried to fix it aswell but I failed

Couldn’t get this to work as intended.
There is always a shadow in the way. It has the shape of a cube and blocks 90% of the flashlight, which I would assume is the camera. I could not find a way to disable to shadows or move the flashlight forward in front of it.

the lightpart is transparent and the camera is not seeable neither on the client or the server which leads me to believe it’s probably the characters body blocking the light, I will try to fix this.

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everything works well, it’s just the flashlight keeps shaking like crazy. i have a custom camera script that manipulates the Cframe of the camera, i suppose that’s the reason why.

any solution perhaps?

That is a common issue with the module. No fix at the moment.

sorry i know this is late but you could try this. its what i used in my version

dt *= 60
	if LightPart then
		LightPart .CFrame = cameraLight.CFrame:Lerp(camera.CFrame - obj.CFrame.LookVector, 0.2 * dt)

i attached the light to the frontfaceattachment instead and it works well :slight_smile:

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