Advertising In-Game

Hi, developers!

I’m curious if advertising your discord server in your game such as “Join our server: /12345” is allowed in-game? I heard you aren’t allowed to do that.

For example, apparently you are allowed to put a discord logo on a thumbnail which came across outta the blue:
(Second thumbnail has 4 logos)

It should be fine as long as you don’t put it everywhere you look but it’s probably best to just keep it in the social media section of your game page best to check with others first though.

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Any references to Discord (including invite codes, links, the icon, etc.) are strictly forbidden to be used anywhere but in the social media link settings.


You cannot put a discord logo within the game. ROBLOX cannot detect whether the person is 13+ whereas on the social links they can. Just make sure nothing about discord is on the game or else you will get warned/banned.

Does this also count for small chat reminders, like:
“You can check our discord server located in social links on game page!”

Outta curiousity, a lot of people have “Community server: /12345” in their group description and that they do not get in trouble for it. Is that fine or is it still forbidden?

I’m pretty sure it isn’t allowed let me try getting more evidence.

It’s better to put it in the social links. Just don’t take the risk. Here is what I found.

If you were to report that and clearly mentioned in the report that they have a Discord link in the description, it would get taken down once a moderator gets to that.

Only link Discord in the social boxes on the game/group page. The social boxes will properly show/hide depending on if the viewer should see that specific box.

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Oh crap, i gotta delete the thing that mentions discord then xD

Remove “Discord” and you’re fine to go. “You can check out our social links on the game page!”

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