Advice on naming a game

I’m currently working on an obby game, where players vote on a medium-sized obby which they need to race and complete first.
I’m currently struggling to think of a name, what are your suggestions?
On top of that, is there any advice to give on naming a game in general?

When I think of a game name, I think of names that are easy to remember, relates to your game, and overall sounds good. Once you have thought of a name, try asking different people on what they think of it. It is really good to get other people’s thoughts and opinions on the name if you are not sure about it.


Try to be creative, search up the name you’re thinking of on Roblox to see if it is taken. If you still can’t think of one try to mix random words that relate to your game and I agree with Joshu ask a friend and see what they think of the name. If people like it I’d recommend you use it.

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The idea is to find what hits the audience, specifically the audience you are addressing.
For example, I think “Choose the Obby” or “Choose Your Obby” seems like it could hit; however, not to all audiences. Younger audiences might like the name “Choose Your Obby,” while teenage audiences might think it simple or “childish.”
Always remember your audience.

I believe names like “Isle”, “Mordhau”, “Vertigo”, “Glass”, “Parasitical” and etc. always work better, plus they has a lot logic in just a single word. I like to make names for games based on the in games mechanics and other stuff. Also i like the “Mortem Metallum” one since it sounds brutal and uses latin rather than english

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Naming the game?
Well… heres advice, copy and pasted

Superior Races (Obby) is a slightly bit funny name, could be remembered easily.