AFN | Hiring a boat builder [OPEN]


Heya, I’m the owner and MvD of Armed Forces of the Netherlands.
We are looking for a boat designer to make 2 boats for us scripted with Aerotech.

Job Information

You’ll be making 2 boats, these boats are:

Zr.Ms. Holland

The Zr.Ms. Holland is a Patrol boat used by the Dutch Marines.



  • Nice interior (Doesn’t have to be fully done)
  • Working fences
  • Working doors.
  • Landing pad that weld helicopters down.
  • Working Cannons


Zr.Ms. Tromp


Zr Ms Tromp 3


  • Working Landing fences
  • Working Guns
  • Working doors
  • Small Interior
  • Welding landingpad

More information will be given in DMs.


I’m not too sure what custom boats go for, but I’ve heard about 5 to 10k. I’m willing to pay this too. Per boat. Payment may go above 10k depending on quality.

  • If your rates hugely differ from these, don’t be afraid to still DM.


You can contact me here on the dev-forum @thedjhouse or on discord. My discord is: SurfersSurg#7292

Hey! Just make sure for all the developers here wondering does this job requires scripting because that 10k payment isn’t enough for added guns. And the reason why I say this because number one these “boats” cost big time money we have to make 2 boats. And guns added to this?

The gun scripts come with AeroTech. It’s 20k total for the 2 boats.