AIB🤖 v1.20 (PLUGIN⛏️) AI Chat Bot [⏬120+]

AI is not very smart all the time, it might not generate a script, which you’ll need to work on the AI yourself.

it might not be the smartest thing, also robots are smarter.
please improve this project!

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Tell me what to ask the bot and i ask the bot to do and I will send a video here

the worst thing that i have 0 robux to buy that plugin, thus if i get robux i won’t purchase it if it is not improved all the time.

EDIT: AI playground is better.

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ok… your plugin is much better.
if you make a free version with no trail would be better.
the problem is that plugin needs robux!

ok, i won’t talk here again.
Why did i join this topic already? just reading, i tried to reply but it’s not really a good plugin, so bye.

No doubt. But the main problem is that your plugin may just not be taken seriously by serious developers. The people here are trying to give you feedback and your main problem is that you don’t seem to be willing to accept the reality of your plugin’s rough situation.

The other greatest concern is that everyone has been asking you to give them an example of what makes your plugin different from the free version of the code-writing AI, and you haven’t stated those differences yet in a seemingly straightforward, understandable way which really raises a few questions about whether or not your plugin may be a gimmick (no offense, it’s just how most people here see this situation.)

What you really fail to understand (as it seems) is that what you’re saying is simply your own opinion.
If you really want your plugin to get somewhere, you need to realize that nobody here cares about your opinion, because everyone will always have their own opinion.

It doesn’t matter how great you think your plugin is or how unique it may be, because your plugin really isn’t influenced by you at this point, but rather, the people using your plugin.

So really, your only 2 options are to either stop being arrogant and start accepting feedback from people in a professional manner, or just ignore everyone and have things your way.

Sorry to burst your bubble pal, but it is actually your fault because it’s your product. Just stop trying to hide from the truth.

Because it’s not just me saying this, but rather, everyone here. If you don’t believe me then scroll up and read everyone’s messages.

It seems to be no different from the free version of the code-writing AI.

Nah, I’m not going to waste my time on a pointless argument.

Anyways, good luck with your plugin man, that’s all I can say.

First of all, you didn’t even spell ‘kill’ correctly, and secondly you aren’t even using actual words. Like, what is “plr”.

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I have heard that chatGPT is not the most reliable source of complex code. Does this plugin which uses chatGPT offer more reliable code then chatGPT?

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It’s just chat got but paid. The only difference is that it concatenates your input with “How to make a Roblox studio script that…”

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Why would we spend a 100 Robux just to try out the plugin? We need to see if it is actually worth it and you aren’t proving the plugin’s worth here.

For example, if you were selling a new phone, people won’t buy it from you just so they can try it and see whether it is good or not. They need to be convinced that it will be good which means they will surely buy it. Currently, you are just saying it is better than AI Playground, when both of them use OpenAI.


Totally agree. I think it would make more sense to create some kind of a free version for testing purposes, otherwise this seems like a gimmick… this guy’s main problem is that he’s failing to accept any criticism and is saying things like “My plugin is the best and works” when those claims aren’t even justified…
That’s just arrogance in a pure nutshell…

Let’s put this into perspective:
You created a prototype product and know it’s not even ready to be sold yet. You know it has too many problems and know it’s not practical… so you posted on the Feedback section of the DevForum but notice many people aren’t satisfied with your plugin…
So… ugh… what did you expect? Everyone to say it’s the best plugin on Earth? That’s not how reality works…

I did it like this to show it knows what you mean when you write like this

I already said it adds more things

NEW UPDATE v1.7 :tada:!!

What Added?

    1. The FIX Button! now you can fix your scripts with aib
    1. More Animations
    1. And More…

in the video you can see how the fix button is work

What Changed?

    1. Bugs Fixed

How to Update?

    1. in roblox studio open toolbox
    1. click manage plugins in Tools
    1. find AIB plugin and click update
    1. wait the plugin update and this is all!

(the next update is tomorrow the plugin updated every day)

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Hello i would request a lot of changes in your plugin to actually be considered atleast worth 100 robux

Note that im not trying to offend anyone but it just needs way more improvements to be public.

1. Used key from OpenAI API

OpenAI API keys cost real money
which of course means you are scamming (kind of) people
if you see here OpenAI Account Usage it costs to use a chatbot for each account so people pay double just to use this plugin
meaning people will waste their free trial while the creator isnt wasting any money of it.

2. Product quality

Do i really have to explain myself here?
The UI needs better design.
I don’t know how you came up with that grammar but

(there are more examples but you get the point)
I get it that not everyone has the perfect grammar but at this point just use google translate
or check if you even spelled it correctly.

3. Usage of plugin

Chatgpt right now does not know any type of information after 2021 meaning new classes in roblox would be just not exist for chatgpt meaning the new classes coming to roblox wont be known to the AI.

Chatgpt isn’t always correct at the responces and if you really think it can fix itself by that you are completely wrong.
I have tested chatgpt once and it kept saying the exact same thing over and over again and erroring.
and note that it was the first time trying to make it fix itself

You might say it works on small scripts but successful developers dont need small scripts in their game
and if they indeed do need a small script in their game they will indeed know the way to do it.

In conclusion this plugin has 85% of not being useful for its price.