AlignOrientation Does Not Work

AlignOrientation is now also working for me as expected

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Hey, we believe that the issue should be resolved as of a couple hours ago. Let us know if you see any further issues.


Several users in my game are still experiencing this issue. However, it is only happening to some users, because when I test it, I don’t get the bug. Could this be just that their client hasn’t updated yet?

Possibly still servers that hadn’t restarted since the flag flips. Otherwise if you can reproduce a repro file would be great.

Some users are still experiencing the bug on certain devices. I have not been able to reproduce this bug on my system, but I have been informed that players have been experiencing the bug on Windows 10 version 21H1.

Yes, i’m using AlignPosition and it was glitched, so i had to use BodyPosition, but i’m not sure if the glitch was fixed. I’ll need to test it, but i’m lazy.

I’m having this issue also!
One attachment mode + setting the CFrame doesn’t work, but the two attachment mode works properly.

I am experiencing this currently. I have attempted to do the same thing with the deprecated BodyGyro and it works without issue, so I am assuming this is the resultant of a bug.

I am updating the AlignOrientation every heartbeat. I have provided a video of me deleting the orientation that is updated every heartbeat, and replacing it with the exact one that was deleted.

If this bug was solved, it is not anymore. How can any game be successful if Roblox physics stop working whenever a release is pushed? How can this not be unit tested with every new release? This is a very serious problem and needs immediate attention. AlignOrientation in single axis mode is totally broken for the 2nd time! /cc @Focia19 please help revive this thread.

I investigated this issue internally, and a fix will come soon!


Hopefully it is as soon as possible, because I am experiencing the exact same issues

The flag to fix this issue is flipped! It should be resolved now!