AlignPosition lagging behind

Hello. I’m using AlignPosition and AlignOrientation constraints to make tracks for a vehicle, so that the bottom portion of the tracks deform with the suspension of the wheels. It works quite well, except that when the vehicle is stopped for a longer period of time (above ~1.5 seconds), the AlignPosition constraint lags behind and the tracks have to catch up with the vehicle. This only happens when the vehicle has been stopped for some time; if I’m just normally driving everything is fine, no matter how quickly I stop or change direction. Here’s a gif of what I mean:

Every part in the vehicle has its network owner set to the driver. Both AlignPosition and AlignOrientation have RigidityEnabled set to true. Like I said, this works wonderfully until the car is at rest for a few seconds then starts driving again. Is there any way to fix this?

Edit: I’ve narrowed it down to the AlignOrientation. With it disabled, there is no stutter at all, ever. I switched from AlignOrientation to BodyGyro and it’s back. I just need a way to constrain rotation now, since the problem is not because of the AlignPosition.

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I’d hate to bump this thread but I just figured out that the sleeping part changes fixed this issue, for anyone who might stumble upon this thread.