All forum users should have a path forward to be able to post in feature requests

Thanks! And yeah it sucks that there’s not more information about the timeline.
Since 21 October there has not been any official news, so the “coming back soon” might as well be another year :grimacing: But I’m really looking forward to it :))


I still do not agree with you on this:

  1. I like how it is now, needing regular to post in some categories, and i would not want that to be changed, never!
  2. The thing is that theres no point for the staff members to allow members to post in regular only categories.
  3. Since post approval is removed, what would they use instead?

There’s not really an explanation for why I ask if it’s required to add filtering to my dev only messages and I get a link for a topic on custom chats and how to enable parental controls for my chat settings.


And they are not robots, else they would not be answering to so many questions i had, yes of course they may say the same thing over and over, thats just how they work, okay!!!

You can say whatever you want, they are not bots!


Its because apparently they are not allowed to disclose any information regarding systems and tools that they use.


Good idea, although it may be better to just reopen promotions with a greater requirement!


Just reopen the regular rank. I have no idea why they closed it, it’s like yeah we can tell them bugs, but we can’t post feature requests which is 10x annoying, reopen regular promotions



They closed it because they removed post approval, and nobody has wanted to find a replacement for the past 2 years.


Not true, they have spent a lot of resources on this since then, it’s just incredibly hard to scale. They’ve been doing the first steps with that bug report wizard. I heard it will get more improvements soon™ and then that would pave a way for opening up bug reports the same for anyone on the forum.

Feature requests likely need a similar form before they can open that one up as well.


Honestly this is true. If there are no regular promotions currently being done, why should it only be for regulars?


Wait. Do you mean Regulars or Members?

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They mean Regulars because they literally said “Regulars”

I’m pretty sure that @ItsKoiske accidentally said Regulars instead of members because I don’t see a reason why Roblox wouldn’t trust Regulars.

In other words, it would make much more sense if they replaced “Regulars” with members".

You should probably read everything they said first.


I have read everything they said first. I read it when they first replied and I read it before responding to you. I even read it again after to make sure I’m not making a fool of myself and it’s pretty evident that they meant to say “Regulars”.

Here’s the full quote.

If for some reason you want to continue this, DM me.


Why in the world would roblox barely trust regulars then?


It’s elaborated on in the next sentence.

“Since some don’t follow templates or them outright posting them in the wrong category”.

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I have been on this forum for the last four years. I am a member. I have studied the rules for god-knows-how-long. I have a backlog of 50 bugs, all of which have been consistently ignored by the support staff.

Give us bug reports, at least. It’s genuinely unreasonable for the development community to be unable to report bugs, some of which, break the platform entirely (i.e, studio not publishing on WINDOWS but on an unsupported os like Linux, and has been replicated twice on other systems. I’m lucky that I figured out what was broken for that one. only took two updates of studio.)


You can message @Bug-Support to send bug reports in the mean-time.


Going to go ahead and reply to this.

Despite us being told an innumerable amount of times, we are rarely provided specifics regarding the state of redacted devforum features / content.

A generalized answer at this point is getting old, and I would appreciate it more if we had a statement WITH SPECIFICS regarding this so people would stop asking questions. i dont care if these features at this point are gone indefinitely, however its dissappointing that after almost 2 years we havent heard anything that isnt vague.

I understand this is a bit of a hot topic, however ive messaged DevRel about this and was told they dont even know what the succesion plan is and this was in April.


I messaged them a good month ago, and absolutely nothing.

Roblox support might be trying to improve, though. I said I forgot my pin, and they took it off for me so I could reset it.
It’s still no place for feature requests, they would be thrown away, because there isn’t a community.
That is, after nearly 4 days of waiting.


  • No community to view/upvote
  • No guaranteed additions, even if you get a response.
    • I have made many suggestions about the Talent Hub, and @peraldon does actually respond to feedback, thanks for that!
  • Very slow responses
  • And much more downsides.

That still doesn’t stop the fact that @cpguy5089 said “I dont want to delete my account” and they got instructions on how to get it closed, and I asked if I needed to have filtering for a dev only server message system and I got a response on telling me about <13 filtering.