(ALPHA) WestPoint County Roleplay

I am trying to figure out what and how to make this map with terrain? Anyone have ideas of what we should do?

How would I start making this?

Smooth terrain or triangle terrain? It depends on which. Also, do you have a height map?

What do you mean? Could we speak more in Discord if you have it. Espirt De Corps#5980

Smooth terrain is Roblox’s built in terrain

Triangle terrain is custom made terrain by developers with the use of
Roblox parts

Triangle terrain plugins

This would take you about 5 minutes with heighmaps and color maps


A neat resource, I suggest you check it out

What would be best because we would need to add roads buildings and trees what’s the best and how long should the map be and hight and how long?

I have my own road pack but it would have to do it alone I have my team waiting because we need a outline but yeah we could use that I will give it a try in a different studio I still have questions but I will try it then I will say it after.