An error occured while starting ROBLOX


This happens when I click ‘Play’ on any game. Starts to install, then a second later this notification arrives.
Has this bug been noticed by any one else?


Finally… Error Code: 6, Cant play ROBLOX

@Lilly_S @Nightgaladeld @Quentisaurus

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This error seems unrelated.

Would you be able to visit the URL from the error message in your browser and tell me where this leads you? I believe one of the dll’s is being blocked for some reason.


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“Company policy”

Are you two on a school network or something @ConnorVIII @RyIock ? Who’s your ISP?

Well that’s interesting… I certainly wasn’t expecting to see the same webpage.

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I am using my college wifi, but I’ve updated ROBLOX on if before and it worked.

I just got it working. I used my phone’s hotspot wifi and downloaded roblox again.


Earlier today we deployed a mechanism that should help with this on windows (OSX fix is still in progress), can you try installing again to see if you are still having the issue?

install worked, but i crash after a few seconds of joining.

This is likely a separate issue. Does it hang in every game you join / does it hang if you join crossroads?

All games, happens after a few seconds or a few minutes.
Just freezes up and doesn’t return to normal, I have to close the client.

I have university internet, that is prob the cause. ‘Eduroam’

So I was on ROBLOX today about to dive into one of my favorite games. Once, I clicked play, the normal roblox loading screen popped up then a few seconds later, this error message as you can see in the image link above pops up.
I’ve read some other forums and questions about similar issues and people just say reconnecting to the internet works. Others say to try to reinstall ROBLOX Player. I tried both. Well, I tried to uninstall the Player buy once I click uninstall, the sane error pops up as the control center says it needs the program to stop running. I’m completely confused about this, usually this would go away in a few minutes or hours if there were planned updates taking place. Please help and give advice or feedback on how to resolve this situation. Thank you.

Have you used a new internet connection recently