An update on Future Is Bright


There’s only so many variables you can add to an equation before it becomes intractable to solve. We’re thinking about a lot of these issues but a lot of these aren’t practical to focus on solving right now.


Yeah, that’s been on my list of concerns as well. We’ll look more into it.


We are working on tuning this transition a bit. Some things that will probably happen:

  • the blend region will be tuned to help make this better
  • the default ShadowSoftness property of Lighting will probably be somewhere around 0.2-0.5 to help
  • we might look at different voxel algorithms for generating shadows although this is a bit of a stretch

On a high level, we are expecting to have some sort of not-100%-pleasant looking transition here - it’s hard to get the cake and eat it too.


Quick update: we’ve released v13:

This release has the first version of anisotropic occupancy support - we now voxelize parts using a more involved process that helps us handle objects that are thinner than 4 studs. The current implementation is not optimized fully yet and also we’re looking into some cases where an object that should be lit is incorrectly shadowed due to this.

Also this release adds a lot more shadow optimizations (still working on more, had to disable some that weren’t working well yet), improves shadow LOD blending and changes default Light.ShadowCutoff to 0.75 to improve compatibility with existing content.

Please don’t hesitate to report bugs here or on GH. This release is the first release that has all the large pieces of the technology that we’re planning to ship - from now on it’s mostly optimizations, quality tuning, bug fixes and content compatibility work. We are planning to look closer into automatic exposure algorithms but that will probably happen a bit later this year.


Is AA disabled in v12 and v13? It doesn’t seem to be active on Level21 graphics

This is v13



Also this


finally something my low end pc can enjoy
thanks zeuxcg

edit: this is a nice improvement to FPS!

i still lag a lot in places that use a decent amount of lights though

with lights

without lights

but still a really great improvement !! i can finally enjoy FIB without lagging a ton!

also- some bugs i found:



Does that mean that v13 will look almost as the final version?


Thanks - we found this issue as well and will fix it in the next build. Regarding MSAA, no - it’s active in this build. Mind sharing the log file (from C:\Users\YOU\AppData\Local\Roblox\logs)?


Can you post the place you’re seeing the artifacts on? It would be useful for us to make sure we fix all of them - we found something similar independently but may not be the only issue here. You can PM me the place if you don’t want it shared.


More or less - we have a lot of refinement work to do here, which would both improve performance and probably improve quality in some cases, but largely speaking this is what we want to ship this year. Please let us know if you discover bugs or severe quality issues and we’ll see if we can fix them.

Obviously this doesn’t preclude further work happening later :slight_smile:


FIB definitively uses more GPU than non FIB. Praying for some sweat optimizations.


Running into an odd shadow issue on v13 with my new trees. Shadows don’t seem to be displaying as they should onto the ground.

Each branch is an individual meshpart with 2 different decals applied. The one on the bottom is just flipped so it’s the same direction as the top. Removing either doesn’t end in a correction in shadow.

I was able to fix it by UV mapping the meshpart and having one texture applied to both the top and bottom, but this isn’t ideal as I don’t have the ability to use color3 data.

Here’s the place in case you need to see it for yourself:


So here’s a fun bug. Future is bright blacks out (or doesn’t render… what do Ik I’m just a lowly rbxdev). Ive played with all settings nothing changes. Also clicking anywhere in the viewport crashes the app

Here’s the make and model


I believe your system doesn’t support OpenGL; FIB builds require Metal. We will only ship voxel improvements on OpenGL I think.


oof no wonder why i lag using FiB, my GPU sucks (Intel HD Graphics)


Cant wait! The future is bright is great at making really neat screenshots.


The hype is infinite


The biggest issue I have right now is with the default scene brightness levels.


The current default exposure seems to be too low, even with AutoExposure on.
If the current exposure levels adjusted by about 60% or so, then default scenes would look better.

The sun also appears to be missing its additive shading, so it looks very dull.


The AutoExposure also doesn’t understand that night scenes are supposed to be dark:


This is absolutely amazing to hear. I’ve actually started devving my project in FiB builds due to its release date being quite some time away, and ideally, my preparations will be worth it!

Hyped for this update.