Andrevk26 - Experienced Builder

Hey there! I’m Andre, and I’m offering my Services as Builder!
I’m on Roblox since more than one year now, and I got a lot of building experience.



A Mercedes-Benz car.

A motorcycle.

A fork-lift truck.
A motorboat.

A warboat.

Note: Those vehicles are not made in Blender. I’m creating nearly everything in Studio.


A lot of stuff at the german developer hangout. (DEDev Hangout)

Some parts of a SCP site I made as commission.

There was also a floor texture in the last picture of the SCP that looked nice, but in some ways it’s not loading anymore.


An assault-rifle.

A big map with a lake and a dam in the middle, that’s still WIP.

A not finished map I’m currently working on. (I’m standing on a house that’s also WIP)

The german DevRel is also tweeting often about me. Don’t hesitate to take a look:

I’m trying to work as much as I can. Thats means, I’m online for at least 1 one hour per day. At “good” days, where I have much time, I’m online for 5 hours or more. (Mostly on weekends)

I like to get payed in Robux(Group Funds), Euros or Dollars.
I want to get payed fairly, because I’m trying my best with every project.
I prefer getting payed directly, and not as percentage.

Scammers will get reported to Roblox and get their profile shared in every Discord Developer server. So if you’re a scammer, don’t try it. We all want to work safe. :slightly_smiling_face:


You can contact me via Discord: (Best way)
You can also contact me via Twitter:

Thank you so much for reading this, and have a nice day! :smile:


You seem like a nice guy, hope someone hires you bud. Good luck! :slight_smile:

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Amazing developer, he worked for me for a while, very nice guy and amazing at building! I really recommend him for other builds he is very flexible at telling him things he did not know, like the SCP site he made, he did not know at first, but adapted and overcomes the obstacle.

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Very good dev, always makes sure you’re happy with his work!

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