Animating a tool

basically, i have 2 animations; one is an idle (holding animation) and the other is a Camera Flashing animation.
since the camera is a tool, it automatically welds the tool to the right hand making the both animations look awkward: image
how should i animate the tool so that it looks similar to this?:

also, i know how to animate a tool, but when i play the anim it doesnt show the tool

change the CFrame of the handle when the holding camera animation is played via a script.

Create a fake handle and then Motor6D the model to that fake handle.

If you put it inside of a character and then use the animation editor it should start working.

I can think of two possible solutions:

  1. Create an invisible handle for the arm to weld onto and position the rest of the model based off it.
    Something like this: samplecamera

  2. For animating the tool parts themselves consider this tutorial.


in the tool? or a replica of the tool, and what do you mean by “fake handle” and by model so you mean motor 6d the “fake handle” to the players right arm (the rig I’m animating with)?

but is there a way to animate it?

put a motor6d into thr tool now you can animate it.

would Part0 be the handle and Part1 is the players right arm? also while animating it, does the tool need to be inside the character rig i am using to animate?
(also the motor6d seems to destory itself whenever i test, its in the handle with Part0 as the handle and Part1 as the players right arm)

uhh you have create a new motor6d after the tool is equipped cause every time you’re not holding the tool the connection breaks.
so just animate it with motor6d and create one just before when playing animation and it’ll get destroyed every time you’re not using it so no memory leaks.

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instancing the motor6d from a server script and setting part0 to the tools handle and part1 to the players right arm, correct? also is the tool animatable from an animation editor? if so, does the tool need to be in the character while making the animation?

script kinda looks like this:

	Character = Tool.Parent
	Humanoid = Character:WaitForChild("Humanoid")
	local Motor6d ="Motor6D")
	Motor6d.Part0 = Tool.Handle
	Motor6d.Part1 = Character:WaitForChild("Right Arm")

(not full script so dont ask about any possible errors. if your confused about anything i can try and clarify)

lol you didn’t set the parent of the motor6d it’ll be stuck in the memory.
Set the parent before assigning part0 and part1.

Also you have to animate it with the tool equipped on a rig and a motor6d as I told earlier cause if you animation doesn’t has any info about how to animate the joint between the hand and tool then it won’t work simple.

should it parented to the characters right arm, or the tools handle? also, keep in mind that this is in R6
i am also using Moon Animator

this is what i did so far with the result of this:

i put this into the camera script:

	local Motor6d ="Motor6D")
	Motor6d.Parent = Tool.Handle
	Motor6d.Part0 = Tool.Handle
	Motor6d.Part1 = Character:WaitForChild("Right Arm")

then i joined the game, equipped camera so my character was holding it, coping the camera, ended play mode,
then pasted the camera into the rig im using to animate with, fixed the motor 6ds to fit the rig, then the result was the video above,
and obviously its incorrect as the tool isnt animatable. this is the explorer of the rig im animating with and the camera:

RIG: image

CAMERA: image

imo if you could show me it by steps i think that could help

ok lol