Animating/Tweening a tool with welds


I’m trying to animate parts of a tool that are welded together. In this case it’s a big hand which each digit having parts that are welded to one another. I’ve tried a number of things that should work but I think I’m missing something and they’re not.

I tried creating animations for each finger after using a rig editor and creating a rig after adding a Humanoid in it. I made joints for the hand but when I use the humanoid inside the hand to run the animations it doesn’t quite work.

I then tried to tween the parts of the finger to a CFrame of an invisible part corresponding to each part of the finger, but it didn’t run at all. Again, I’m guessing because the parts are welded to each other.

In this case, does anyone have ideas for what I should do or if there are any alternatives to welding the parts together?

I can show the code/objects or animations if it’ll help.


idk if that’s possible mate. You can do it if the players motion is stopped

Would an animation have the same constraints?

Shouldn’t you be using Motor6d for animation? I don’t exactly grasp what you mean, but here’s an article that could help (if I’m not mistaken).

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So I think you have to stop the entire motion of the char, including the animation, then unweld the sword/weapon, anchor everything in the sword, then move/resize everything to your desire, then re-weld everything to it’s respective parts .

I’m trying to animate a tool that’s been welded together. I’ll check out the post you’ve linked, I think it might solve the problem. Thanks!

Yeah I’d recommend using motor6d instead, used for animations and from memory it can keep your parts together like a weld, just remember to follow the steps shown in that article.

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