Animation doesn't play correct on oddly scaled characters

I am working with my friend to create a new game, but I am having trouble loading the animations onto a character that has been scaled down. For example, this is what the animation looks like on the rig when I animated it.

However, when applied to the character inside of the game, it plays like this (character model is scaled down 3 studs from regular player):

I have no idea what causes this, or how to fix it… If anyone knows please tell me! Thanks! :smiley:

Try enabling Retargeting. Workspace > Retargeting > Enabled.

If it’s already enabled, try disabling it.

Enabled, disabled, and default are all giving the same results as shown in the video.

What about the new Model:ScaleTo method?

No, I’m unfamiliar with it. How could I do this?

You might want to look into it then. It’s a new feature:

Wow, that worked perfect! Thanks. (I am sorry for a late response.)

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