Animation Editor 3.0

Is the animation editor source available to public?

The easing were really good though, looking through the plugin code atm.

I enabled it in the plugin but the roblox ‘engine’ or w/e you can call it doesn’t support the ‘easing styles’, but they’re all there in the plugin, just the propertiy for easing style doesn’t exist :frowning:

What about making a button to create keyframes to simulate the same movement the Easing style would make?

Yes, you can find it here.

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I’ve thought of that, I was able to make my own ‘animation creator’ by tweening welds, and I was able to implement all the easing styles. The only issue is the animation plugin is massive and I have no idea how to convert the easing styles into key frames, it’s out of my league.

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There is currently a bug in studio that is preventing the play feature from working.

Here is a temporary patched version. It essentially replicates the play feature without running the place. It runs at a lower framerate unfortunately (due to the time variable staying at 0 in studio) however it’s better than nothing!

This might have unexpected side effects because it’s a quick patch (exams sorry) but should do for those teams needing animations (mine did, which is why I patched this so quickly!)

Edit: Runs at 30FPS. Actually a pretty decent patch!

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We’ve reported this bug like several months ago
The only way to prevent that right now is to just fill up all your body part’s keyframes.
It only happens if you leave holes between the keyframes

Animating with that bug in R15 is even more difficult lol

I’ve done many many animations my time on ROBLOX, the R15 rig is almost impossible for me to animiate, regardless of bugs. We need a 3rd party software that we can create the animations in, and import them into ROBLOX.

I’ve never used any animating software, but I’m willing to learn, only to animate the R15 rigs into the level of the animations that they are currently using (the yawn, and look around animation flow really well, this can’t be done with the animation plugin), animating R15 with the animation plugin makes me want to pull my hair out.

Please include more information about the nature of this bug. A test level that contains the animation that is causing the issue would dramatically increase our chances of finding and fixing this issue.

Also, for more information about reporting bugs and issues, please refer to: Steps to Report a Bug

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I don’t understand why or what part makes the R15 harder than R6?
Is it because of the amount of Secondary and Tertiary actions you have to account for?

Also, for CodeWriter, I’ll write up a new thread to report the bug sometime later this week.
Although, I remember posting one on Alex H’s 3.0 Animation bug reporting website. I don’t know what happened to it.

This is now live in V3.2 of the editor. Please let me know if there are any problems! I also patched up a bunch of ProxyPart issues as well.


Could it be a Handle (gear etc) doesn’t show up in the Animation Editor by default?
I had to press Run, unanchor the dummy, insert a tool in it, and reanchor.
(Otherwise the Handle wouldn’t be positioned to where the Tool.Grip dictates)
On top of that, I had to replace the RightGrip, turning it from a Weld into a Motor6D.

Seems bad, but that’s not everything yet:
While playing the animation, the Handle only gets animated when replacing RightGrip.
I currently connected Tool.Equipped to turn the Weld into a Motor6D.
(Of course, this issue, although related to the Animation Editor, can’t be fixed in it)

TL;DR: Make animation tools (and accessories/hats?) easier (read: do-able)

/e praise
thank you for implementing this change :slight_smile:

Welds don’t animate. Motor6Ds do. So it makes sense that you need to replace it. Internally Motor6Ds have necessary properties for animation (in case you were going to ask why welds don’t animate :slight_smile: )

You will not see any welds show up in the editor. This is intentional. Also if you’re messing around with anchoring / unanchoring, please make sure your rig’s root part is always anchored. I’ll probably force this in the next update.

While making the Dummy grip the tool properly, I unachored everything.
Afterwards I anchored everything, which apparently makes stuff unanimatable.

Maybe have a setting “Show RightGrip (Danger)” or one for all welds?
Combine that with a small section on the wiki with replacing Welds with Motor6Ds and it’s good.

Yeah anchored stuff won’t update the same as unanchored stuff. That’s why you can’t animate it.

I don’t really want to have a setting to show a weld. Seems pointless. Under “Using a custom rig” the wiki currently mentions “The moving parts of the model must also all be connected with Motor6D”.

I’ll look into if there’s any way to make the process easier.

Maybe instead of having 4 buttons for rigs, have 2: (and animation editor button)

  • Create Rig: Opens a very quick menu for selecting which type of rig to spawn
  • Edit Rig: After selecting a rig, having a quick menu of useful stuff:
  • Ready Tool: Repositioning the arm/tool (for when updating Tool.Grip)
  • Remove Tool: Remove the tool from the dummy
  • Add Tool: Select a Tool, press button again (or confirm button) and it gets added

Probably not something that can/will happen soon, but it might be useful.
(I mean, I could make my own plugin to do that, but I have goal-specific lazyness)

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