Animation > Importing to blender the character

We all know that when making Animations, the character parts Auto-Joints which is really nice!

But what I want is,
Not actually import the char to blender, I want the animation to STAY in the character, and the import, but,when I close anim editor, everything comes back to normal, is there a way to make it stay :thinking:

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well you could use blender animations, tbh I’ve had the same problem with keeping the animation in place,
here’s a link to a plugin that exports animations to blender(I think, I don’t use it too much) it’s complicated so you might wanna read the whole article

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but this plugin if for blender 2.8 and I have blender 2.90.1 i tried to put the plugin in but it seem to break is there a new plugin he made or where can i get 2.8

no sadly you will have to download and old version of blender if you want it to work.

Blender Previous Versions

i dont feel good to downlaod old version