Animation isn't Working

So, I have rigged the character properly, and the animation runs correctly in the editor. But it doesn’t work when I actually run the animation on the character.

Here’s the animation in the editor:

Here it is Not working:

Here is is working with a different animation:

Anyone know why the jab isn’t working?


In both of the videos the animation doesn’t work on the weapon*

You have to use Motor6d, not weldconstraint, if you want to animate Tool Handle, here’s a tutorial:

I do use motor6, actually! :slight_smile: The right hand has a motor6 attached to the handle

Can you check the player character with the tool equipped to see if it’s actually Motor6d, or otherwise the rig is broken. (Assuming becuz ur animation only has one keyframe for the sword and no keyframe for rotation

I checked. It is. Maybe it has to be connected to the torso instead of the right arm?

Doesn’t have to be, prob the rig is broken