Animation not playing in a tool as it should be?

Hello friends! I’ve recently come across this annoying bug which I cannot seem to fix. I have tried changing the priorities (I set the default to Action) still yet useless. I’ve tried researching solutions to this problem still haven’t found one yet. Also, this is not a script issue it is the ROBLOX animation issue itself.

This is what it is supposed to look like.

This is what it ends up looking like when the animation is played.

Any ideas on why this might be happening?

I don’t see what’s the problem here? Could you please elaborate on what’s not right? Thanks.

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Seems like the torso doesn’t do a 360 spin as intended but instead just kind of like hits some sort of void.
Related to the topic, I think it’s happening because the default tool holding animation for R6 for some reason uses the torso when only the arm is needed.

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Yeah I have this problem too, I would love it if someone would help us. It seems like the rotation does not rotate fully, but only half the original value. Except I used R16 and this error still occurs. I hate it because my game uses precise hitboxes and the animations are making me go bonkers.

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Same can someone please help us…

Yeah it doesn’t fully spin 360 degrees as it intended to.

I checked your video frame by frame, and it messes up on the first second of playing the animation. And I checked my animation, whenever there is a big movement, BOOM ruined my whole career.

May I see the similar issue you have?

My other theory on this is that Roblox only calculates from -360 degrees to 360 degrees and it resets when you do a complete 360. What i’d do in this case is make some “halfway through the spin” keyframes to make it fully spin.

Welp, OBS decided to not work. But I realized that this error occurred because I was holding a tool. Without the tool the animation worked perfectly

So you’re saying without holding a tool it works?

Nvm i’ve tried the “without the tool” solution but it still never worked.

I don’t really get any issue with rotating the torso 360 degree? (both with and without tool)

Please ensure that:

  • your animation is set to Action
  • there is no other Action animation playing

I can’t really figure out your issue cause it works fine for me. If you do think that it’s your animation’s fault, could you provide me of your animation file so I could test it out myself and figure it out?

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I don’t think it’s the animation’s fault. But, I kind of found a solution. I keyed every single thing no matter if it moved or not, and it started working WITH the tool(I only keyed everything for the limbs I used)

if this doesn’t work, then I don’t know.

The tool looks messed up because by default a tool is welded to your hand using a normal weld while animations use motor6d welds to move parts (have a look at the linked post)

As for the second problem, I belive it is because roblox doesnt deal with your character turning 360 degrees well. I would try splitting the animation into 2 parts, running the first part then physically turning the character in game 180 degrees to do the second part, but I wouldnt try this solution until I could confirm there is no easier way to do it.

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Yes, that’s the exact same problem that I had, I solve it by reanimating it. I kinda doubt this happen because of the EasingDirection between a certain keyframe.

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