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I have been an animator for roughly 1 year now and have have done quite a few commissions. So far I have sold roughly 50 (rough estimate) animations and plan to continue doing so. I have been a member of Roblox for around 7 years (Lost my main) but I now reside on my new main account “evilguap”. I use moon animator only. (I can not use blender)


Here are some of my current pieces of work


R6 RUN (all linear)

Random AK-47 Loop

Random AK-47 Loop

A walk, idle and dash that I made

R15 Combo

Spinning Sword Attack

Sword Attack Package

Throwing Lightning

Slamming Lightning

This is a howl I made for commission, it looks a LOT better in game

My first time CFraming. Honestly this was just me messing around

R15 Walk
Commissioned set I made

Uploading: Floating Jump.mp4…


I’m usually available every day during the the night [GMT] but on discord I’m usually active.

If I don’t respond, please do not spam my inbox!


I accept only ROBUX / Robux Gift Cards!

Depending on your task, payments can vary as some animations can take me hours whereas some may take me 1 minute or so.

My prices are very flexible and (RARELY) free. I will do an animation for free if it’s really simple (a salute / at ease for e.g)

Please do not lowball just because I say I may do something for free! Animating is a very hard and tedious task as well as time consuming!


You can contact my discord

  • H.A#4428

Or you can follow me on roblox and send me a message @ evilguap


Holy, this looks amazing. Definetely contacting you if I need an animator.

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If you’re interested in trying to get your name out there further, please reach out to me @Kanazuchi#7407 I am definitely interested in commissioning you.

Hi, I’m also an animator. I just wanted to ask, is there anything specifically more advanced about the moon animator vs. the built-in one?

If you are searching to know the answer, I will do this instead of him.

Built-In (as i understood roblox one,) doesnt has alot of easyings when we look at moon.
Most of times Moon doing his job good if count that you can also without problems add effects , camera and some lighting things.

Just make sure to use moon animator, its way better.

So, I am making a game with over 50k robux spent on sponsoring.
We need one Animator to animate doors, rigs and some stuff like that
(Not so difficult to make)
We are looking for a Lead Animator, we have one group and we will make very popular games on it!
We will have a 15% payment for you, let us know!