Animations are broken

I didnt know where to post this, so its in this category (please tell me if its the incorrect category)

So recently in my game, I realised that animations dont replicate consistently.

What I mean by this is:
Characters have a walk animation.
You can see your character playing the walk animation.
You can NOT see the animation playing on someone else’s character, even though its the same animation ID. (played from that player’s client)

Why is this?
I currently dont have any screenshots or video, might add some later though.

I have:
workspace.AnimationWeightedBlendFix set to Disabled,
workspace.ClientAnimatorThrottling set to Default (what is this even? there is no documentation or announcement about it anywhere),
A slightly edited version of the Animate script (just remove the code that handles tool animations)

Please help!

I think I figured it out:
My game uses a character scaling module that REGENERATES the Motor6D’s.

So it seems that this is a connected issue to this bug report:

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