Antonio6643 :: Scripter for Hire

:information_source: About Me

I specialize in programming both on and off Roblox. I have not worked on any major games as of now, but my skills are definitely at that level(and maybe even beyond :smirk:).

:scroll: Experience

Many of my finest projects dwell on my computer hard drive waiting for the day they can see the light. In light of this, I have started creating more projects that properly display my skills as a scripter. Here are some examples of my work:

UI Work

Sliding Puzzle Challenge

Details: You can click two squares to swap their positions. The goal is to get your puzzle to match the puzzle given to the right of your screen.

Cursor Customizer


Details: This is some of my more recent work. You can use the sliders in the GUI to change different aspects of your cursor. There’s also a live preview at the bottom of the GUI.


Aim Training Place (with bot)

Details: This is just a place I’ve been working on for training aim. The main portion of the place is the “Situationals” section. From there, you can have the place set up different scenarios for you to practice in.


Flight System

Details: Just a simple flight system I made in the past. You can press F to fire the gun. The explosions are only a visual effect and damage is applied based on how many times your plane gets hit directly.


Raycast Bows

Details: Just some bows made from raycast. They have arrow drop based on how long you hold them as well. There’s also a shield in there you can activate by pressing F.

More coming soon…

:label: Payment

At the moment I am only accepting USD payment through Cashapp. I do not charge too much for my services but on the other hand, I rarely accept large-scale projects.

:envelope_with_arrow: Contact

You may contact me through any of these methods:



Since you mentioned that you can do stuff off Roblox,

Can you make a Group bot that does;
Delete Spam & Scam
Re-Rank the offender to a selected role
Delete post of Users whom left the group
Re-Rank Users with a selected Badge


Do you also accept payment via Paypal?

I can make a bot that deletes spam/scam and re-ranks the offender to the selected role. As for the other features of the bot, I’m not sure if I would be able to do it feasibly.

Unfortunately I do not have a Paypal, so I am not able to accept payment through it.

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Cool work! :+1:

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Sent a friend req on discord, my username is JamieBot#0269

I’m looking for devs. Contact me if interested