Any Help On How I Can Better The Lighting On Buildings?

  • I’m Trying To Create A Simple Small City With Some Added Detail!
  • I’m Trying To Find A Way To Up The Quality And Lighting On The Buildings And I Was Wondering If Anybody Could Help Me With Some Tips.
  • I Tried Looking It Up On Wiki But It Only Came Up With Results On How To Boost The Graphics Quality Of It.

Sorry If The Question Seems Basic I’m A Little New To Building.

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Is there any chance you can post your current build on the Forum, so we get a better understanding.


Alright I’ll try to tomorrow when i wake up :smiley:


If you want to be simple, turn the ambient up. If you want to go more detailed, turn the ambient down and add lights.

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oh ok thx very much ill try it tommorow and check progress

Oh thx I tried it tonight and it worked, thanks mate! :+1:

You can you shadow map, make sun rays, just experiment with the lighting tab and see what you can do


For the Quality and etc. just like what ScytheSlayin said, you can mess around with the sun rays, and add shadows and stuff to your map to up the quality of it. (It might have a chance of lagging a bit though) and then for the lighting, you are able to just make a light block, and make it invisible and duplicate them and put them around the map if that works for you.

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This is a great tutorial! It should have everything you need!

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thanks chap ill try it out today!

There are a few tips and tricks you can do to make lighting smoother or better.

  • You can use Blur or Bloom in Lighting, adjust them until your game image is smooth even on low graphics. This will increase the light’s shade and impact to our eyes. So it wont be sharp and pixelated at edges.
  • Neon is always a great idea for a light. You can change how bright it is by lowering the RGB color from the properties. Different being said, a slightly darker color will shine less more than a fully bright color.
  • Last thing i recommend, if the part providing the light is round shaped, use the Light Beam model in the ToolBox, adjust it however you wish to create the perfect atmosphere.

With that being said, think outside the box. There are many many ways to trick the light into making it more or less bright, adjust it so it can light only a specific part or simply using the Lighting elements. For more or different tips, don’t hesitate to ping me. :heart:

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It depends on what approach your going for realistic, cartoony, natural ect.

To make better lighting is to add variations of lighting settings. Since your building a city, I’ll try to mix and try to find the best one that fits with the building or suits your liking. You just have to experiment until you get the perfect atmosphere You want!

You should play around with the lighting until you find which one you think is the best. If your trying to go for a more realistic look this could probably help you out. (Bloom, Blur, ColorCorrection, SunRays, Color_Shift). And adjust what suits your liking in the Properties


You can change the range of the lighting and the whole city by adding futurisitc or shadowmap.