Any ideas how on to create horizontal rain?

Looking to make a Hurricane game. How do I make rain look like what’s seen in this video below?

All of that is made with particles. A lot of them, I suggest reading this:

When you already have a main idea of how it works, simple tweak the properties until you have what you’re looking for.

I know how to use particle emitters, but just don’t know how to manipulate it to look like a moving curtain.

I’d say making big almost transparent circles or some kind of smoke, with a fast movement speed, and a white color. Making it always face the character would help.

Use the plug-in/module from @buildthomas!
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Also add some fog so it looks more realistic.
Good luck on making it! :+1:

Just an idea without script:
I would work with 3 different movements, to make sg like in video 0:35-0:45:

  1. water-like objects/emitters on the pavement moving horizontally
  2. some waterdrops in the foreground moving vertically
  3. some random sized groups of invisible parts that emit some fog/smoke moving more or less the same direction as 1)

Good idea, if I randomize the particle movement. It will overlap at times and create the curtain like effect

Also remember to play with transparency! Very good luck.